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All Dolled Up, Music from the WWI Era

Join us as we jump in time when patriotism was high, the First World War had just ended and everyone was proud to be an American; where feathers, pearls and dresses on the fringe of fashion were all the rage in every neighborhood speakeasy. These *Broadway Babies* can carry a tune and with a *Grand Ol Flag* in hand will tap, tap, tap their way into your heart. *When Johnny Comes Marching Home*, the Manhattan Dolls will be there to welcome him.

All Dolled Up, a Roaring 20s Review, can range in length from 30-60 mins.

Songs Include:

• Over There
• Grand Ol' Flag
• Yankee Doodle
• Alexander's Ragtime Band

• Tonight You Belong to Me

• Yes sir, That's My Baby
• Oh Johnny

• Makin' Whoopie
• When the Saints Go Marching In
• Blue Skies
• You Made me Love You
• Broadway Baby
• I Love a Piano
• Pack up your Sins
• Everybody Step
• Someone to Watch Over Me
• Adelaide's Lament
• Bushel and a Peck
• All that Jazz
• Roxie
• If I were a Bell
• Forget About the Boy

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