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Hop aboard the *Chattanooga Choo Choo* and join The Manhattan Dolls on a *Sentimental Journey* through the great music of the 30s and 40s. Sentimental Journey blends beautiful ballads with your favorite toe-tapping tunes, and, in classic USO fashion, takes time to honor our brave men and women in the military.  


Get up and dance along as we take you on a tour of the songs made famous on American Bandstand and played on the jukebox in your favorite diner.  With hits like *My Boyfriend’s Back* and *You Can’t Hurry Love,* you’ll have sweet dreams with *Mister Sandman* after Rockin' with the Dolls! 



Walk in a *Winter Wonderland* as The Manhattan Dolls take you through all of your favorite Christmas tunes with gorgeous harmonies!  Get ready to *Rock Around the Christmas Tree* and schmooze with *Santa Baby.* It certainly won’t be a *Silent Night* when The Dolls are singing for your holiday event!


Join us as we jump in time when patriotism was high, the First World War had just ended and everyone was proud to be an American; where feathers, pearls and dresses on the fringe of fashion were all the rage in every neighborhood speakeasy.


Two amazing groups come together for one exciting, USO-style variety show! Join The TRIBUTaries and The Manhattan Dolls in their BRAND NEW, high-energy show, “Good Morning, Vietnam, Hits from 1955-1975!” This exciting show brings you back to the “Rock & Roll War” and features some of the 20th Century’s most iconic rock tunes. You’ll hear songs about hope, love, loss, courage, and of course, togetherness.

This show is also available for booking with backing tracks.

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